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Here's what just a few customers have said about their Inside Air experience...

Jay Tingley:

As an ecstatic IQAir owner for the past few years, I was thrilled to find an IQAir dealer that not only stocked the complete line of IQAir products and accessories, but shipped Canada-wide. When I needed replacement filters, a few simply clicks through their online website saw them promptly delivered only a short time later. Not only was their service fast and expedient, but secure and reliable. I would highly recommend the professionals at InsideAir for any of your IQAir needs.

Jodi, Mark & Ty
Batchelor said:

We purchased 2 large IQ Air, Swiss made, 4 filter systems, 5 years ago. I have severe asthma and eczema. Allergic to everything. We were seeking to improve the air quality of an old log house.When we had our son we purchased the 2nd one to help his air be filtered & clean.We knew that he had a high chance to have the same health conditions. So far so good. He is now 4 years old and is very healthy. My health has been better than ever.

Janet Tamm said:

Living in condo has a lot of advantages but better air quality is not one of them in my place. Since I bought the 2 IQ Air units from you last year, air quality has improved a lot, I experience much less sinus irritation, and virtually no food odors that hang around for long time any more. The IQ Air units are so quiet when turned down to a lower setting at night, it is great because no more stuffy air in the bedroom.

Michael Taylor said:

When my wife developed asthma 2 years ago I researched the market for the best air cleaning solution for our small home. There was a lot of material to go through but it was worth the effort. I purchased the IQAir HealthPro Plus and for 2 years with no maintenance other than replacing filters it has been efficiently cleaning the air in our home. I recommend this product and suggest that you also look at the unit that attaches directly to the furnace for larger homes.

Marion Traviss said:

After a very disappointing experience with another company, I learned about Inside Air from the internet. I called and was quite encouraged. After I received my Pro Health Air Purifier I soon learned how valuable it is. The "atmosphere" in my house changed remarkably quickly. And my results of chronic bronchial and allergic conditions has improved immensely. {Even the dog's allergic condition has disappeared.} One other night and last night I did not leave the Pro Health on in my room{in an effort to save the filters), and I paid for it both mornings with much coughing and discomfort. (I think I've learned my lesson.)